With RemPro your employees achieve better results - in the office as well as working remotely!

We support your employees to work productively and efficiently even in their home office. We train them in the use of proven working methods and explain tools for online collaboration.

Module 3 Employees & Teams - Overview

Help your employees deal with the challenges of working remotely. In up to 12 training courses, employees learn remote working methods, processes, and procedures - the topics covered include data security, home office productivity, and cooperation between decentralized teams.

Result: Clear increase in productivity - your employees work more effectively and efficiently with remote working methods, both independently and in teams.


Employees in the home office as well as employees on site

Time frame

Over a period of 5 weeks, the courses and trainings are carried out at 1.5 - 2 hours each

You choose 5 suitable modules from the catalog


Productivity increase, tools & instruments, data security, motivation, teamwork and collaboration

Module 3 Employees & Teams - Course Offerings

In up to 12 courses and trainings your employees learn the most important topics for remote working.

Collaboration in remote teams

Suddenly alone in your home office or part of your team is in different places? Working in decentralized or hybrid teams brings unknowns and changes with it. Together clarify the basics and provide methods and procedures to show how remote working works best.

Many service providers come to your office to either work there with you, present results, or discuss the next steps. In this module we will clarify how to manage service providers without direct personal contact. Instructions, workshops, sharing data, success control and feedback discussions can be applied immediately after the training.

The morning chat at the coffee machine, the informal exchange in the canteen, or the pragmatic clarification of a matter in the corridor. None of these opportunities for interaction exist in decentralized teams - just like the joint after-work drink, where people also exchange ideas in private. In this module, you will learn about practices for implementing personal interaction digitally, thus ensuring that you are always well informed, maintain contact with your colleagues, and continue to feel part of a team.

Diversity - It is undisputed that heterogeneous teams are one of the success factors for innovation and productivity. Nevertheless, problems and irritations often occur in heterogeneous teams which homogeneous teams do not know: Different linguistic, geographical, religious, or ideological characteristics make a team more colorful and can at the same time lead to tensions, if they are not understood correctly. Learn to profit from differences and use your own "being different" - and that of others.

Increase your productivity: Software

Without warning, many employees find themselves back in the home office alone. Get to know your new "digital" office and immediately start using the tools that will enable you to quickly return to productive work and interact with colleagues as usual - no matter where they are.

Whether Teams, Sharepoint, or Skype - together we will get to know the tool used in your company within a very short time. The aim is to use tools in a way that suits you and your work. For this reason, we do not just go through existing functions, but look at your everyday work and see where tools support you - because even in decentralized work, the employee is key.

More and more formats of collaboration are being transferred 1:1 into virtual appointments - with little success. Learn how to successfully create and manage appointments, workshops, and meetings online.

Working in your home office

Working remotely works with a laptop and internet connection from anywhere? Far from it! In this module you will learn how to set up your home office workstation optimally in order to work productively.

Working conditions in the office and home office inevitably differ. In this module we will look at how you can ensure and increase your productivity in the home office. Starting from the employee themselves and taking into account fixed basic conditions and individual performance peaks, we create the ideal working day in the home office.

More peace and quiet and less distraction, no direct personal contact, and thus the danger of not always being up to date - opportunities and risks in the home office are manifold. In this module we address the advantages as well as the stumbling blocks and dangers of decentralized working - and how to deal with them.

Coaching and support

Especially in interactive trainings, relevant questions often only come up after the end of the training, namely when what has been learned is tried out and implemented in everyday work. In the Q&A session there is room for consolidation and repetition, as well as for more detailed questions that only arise when implementing what you've learned. We recommend holding this module at the end of a training block.

Data Security

Data protection experts, infrastructure managers and IT managers often use potential catastrophic data security scenarios to justify that remote work is not feasible. This does not have to be the case. But: Security is important! Get to know the common data security traps in a compact workshop and clearly understand how to protect your infrastructure and learn what to do in a real IT emergency.

Module 3 Employees & Teams - Preparation and procedure

1. Vorbereitung und Auswahl der Schulungen

2. Planung und

3. Durchführung der Schulungen

4. Nachbereitung und Versand der Materialien

Module 3 Employees & Teams - FAQ

We are happy to offer you a detailed preliminary conversation free of charge so that you can get to know us and our work.

At RemPro we are convinced of the quality of our services. That is why we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We suggest companies to carry out trainings on individual days. This way trainings fit better into the daily work schedule of your employees, participants are more concentrated and achieve better training results.

As a rule, the training courses and training sessions take place online via video conference. If required, we can of course also come to you.

Trainings and courses last on average 1.5 - 2 hours. Each course is supervised by 2-3 RemPro employees. One person leads through the content, the other trainers are available in the chat for questions, details, and technical questions.

We recommend workshops and seminars with up to 12 participants. This enables a strong interaction and involvement of the participants. Groups are always planned in consultation with you. 

Usually we use Microsoft Teams for this purpose. If another system is used by you, we can use this one.

Of course - we offer all trainings and courses as well as documents in English as well as in German.

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