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Module 2 Leadership Team - Overview

Help your leadership team to overcome the challenges of remote work. In up to 14 seminars and workshops, leaders learn remote working methods, processes, and procedures - covered topics include corporate management, leadership skills, project management, and achieving results. This is how your managers become remote work experts.

Result: Improve our organization´s leadership skills - both, remotely and on site.


Managers from HR, IT and management functions

Time frame

Seminars and workshops of 2 hours each, over a period of 5 weeks

You choose 5 suitable modules from the catalog


Leadership behavior and leadership style, business management, project management, increasing productivity and achieving results

Module 2 Managers - Seminar Catalogue

Over 14 seminars and workshops, where your managers learn the most important aspects of remote working.

Corporate Management

Firmly anchored at Google for many years, the tech company achieves best results with OKRs. German companies are only slowly beginning to catch on with the introduction of OKRs - Objectives & Key Results. This agile method involves employees in defining the goals to be achieved and looks at results. By involving entire teams in the coordination process, you ensure the acceptance of the entire organization.

Many managers have the feeling that they no longer have direct access to their employees from their home office. We provide tips and tricks on how to ensure contact with and within the team and how you get employees to come to you on their own initiative to report on their work status.

Since the time and attendance is largely eliminated in the home office, performance management and the measuring of individual employees and entire teams, in general, are becoming more important. Learn how to set and track goals and their measurement together with your employees. We recommend the course "Trust and Accountability in decentralized Teams" as a supplement.

Project management and achievement of results

The daily status meeting, team events, and feedback rules, just like presenting work statuses and conducting difficult conversations: All this needs to be handled differently when working remotely. Get to know techniques and methods to make your teams and projects work remotely.

The notice board in the office corridor, the quick walk to your colleague´s desk, or the flipchart with the latest workshop results or the latest idea: all of them disappear in decentralized and hybrid teams. Get to know tools and programs whereby you can keep your teams working and ensure fluid communication and collaboration.

Time and location asynchrony require flexibility - whilst at the same time clear accountability in order to maintain and ensure the quality of the work. Get to know agile methods that you can use immediately. Explain the new rules to your employees - All the tools you will need for success!

Employee appraisals, annual meetings, development discussions - when things get emotional, special tact is required. For this reason, many managers are worried about conducting staff appraisals online. The most common argument: I need to be able to look my counterpart in the eye. Although true, yet it is not right. Learn to conduct effective conversations even with key or difficult content via video conferencing.

With WOL or "Working out Loud" an agile method that is starting to move into companies across the globe. This - almost - free approach is based on an interplay of observational learning and observable teaching. It can be implemented in all areas of an organization, regardless of the subject matter.

Leadership Skills

Few companies are comfortable with change. However, if changes are managed correctly, many resistances are already eliminated proactively in advance. Learn how change projects succeed in the digital environment and become a digital change leader.

The ability to innovate is an important and, at the same time, fragile competitive advantage, which must be protected in decentralized work settings. Learn how to create a positive, open environment in which your employees develop great ideas in the absence of direct interaction. Get to know successful creative techniques that you can implement immediately.

Leading colleagues and employees is complex all in itself and you have most likely developed mechanisms over time that work well. However, most managers find that their leadership style needs to adapt in a decentralized environment. Learn what is important in digital leadership and expand your management skills with new tools that you can use both on-site and remotely.

Coaching and support

Use this module to raise questions and inquiries regarding digital leadership for discussion. This workshop is an open session for current challenges and approaches. The goal is to discuss best practices and find workable solutions during the session, and try them out prior to implementation.

Tools, infrastructure and data security

Data protection experts, infrastructure managers, and IT managers often use potential catastrophic data security scenarios to justify that remote work is not feasible. This does not have to be the case. But: Security is important! Get to know the common data security traps in a compact workshop and clearly understand how to protect your infrastructure and learn what to do in a real IT emergency.

This module explores how to use Microsoft 365 collaboration tools in your organization. Make the most out of Teams, Skype for Business, Sharepoint and Outlook and maximize usage of these tools.

Module 2 Leaders - Preparation and Process

1. Vorbereitung und Auswahl der Seminare

2. Planung und

3. Durchführung der Seminare

4. Nachbereitung und Versand der Materialien

Module 2 Leaders - FAQ

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We advise companies to hold workshops and seminars on individual days. This way trainings fit better into the daily work schedule of your managers, participants are more concentrated and achieve better seminar and workshop results.

The workshops and seminars usually take place online via video conference. If required, we can of course also come to you.

Workshops and seminars last on average 1.5 - 2 hours. Each seminar is supervised by 2 - 3 RemPro employees. One person leads through the content, the other trainers are available in the chat for questions, details, and technical questions.

We recommend workshops and seminars with up to 12 participants. This enables a strong interaction and involvement of the participants. Groups are always planned in consultation with you. 

Usually we use Microsoft Teams for this purpose. If another system is used by you, we can use this one.

Of course - we offer all workshops and seminars as well as documentation in two languages, English and German.

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Procedures and tools, data security
and teamwork in remote work.