We impart our expert knowledge on hybrid work, decentralized management, and digital skills in an application-oriented manner in a series of practical schoolings.
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Wir machen Führungskräfte, Mitarbeiter und Teams fit für einen erfolgreichen Übergang zu einem hybriden Arbeitsmodell.
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Together, we develop methods and behaviors to improve communication and increase productivity in interactive workshops online or on-site.
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Immediate, visible results are essential to us! We address the needs of your employees individually and develop practical methods within your existing communication landscape for rapid implementation.
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In individual coaching sessions, we prepare your managers for decentralized coordination and leadership in a practice-oriented manner.
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Become a RemPro Alumni and benefit from the expertise of our experts and other executives in cross-industry group mentoring.
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RemPro-Akademie: Seminare und Schulung rund um mobiles Arbeiten und Home Office

Welcome to the RemPro Academy! In training courses, coaching sessions, and workshops, we work with you to further develop your core competencies required for successful hybrid collaboration. From decentralized team building and mixed teams to virtual communication: we make CEOs, managers, and teams fit for productive, efficient collaboration. 

RemPro provides all offerings on-site, digitally, or in a mixed format.

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RemPro supports your organization holistically when it comes to further education and knowledge transfer. Whether it's management, executives, or individual teams: our praxisorientierten Seminare, Schulungen und Coachings ensure that you quickly and professionally introduce hybrid working and leading. In addition to our tried-and-tested concepts, we create a suitable training program for you, depending on your organization's level of knowledge and needs.

Choose according to your needs and target group

Our academy offers for management

Individual training concepts for the needs of management

Are you planning a structured introduction or continuation of hybrid work in your company?

If you are, here is where RemPro comes in: For us, learning and training are critical strategic elements for your organization as it moves toward a more productive, efficient future.

Homeoffice Akademie Workshops Geschäftsführung

Decentralized management and digital leadership skills

Our team of experienced and specialized trainers and coaches provides reliable support. It offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and core competencies around the topic of decentralized management and leadership. Our training program focuses on the qualification of digital leadership competencies. Of course, we pay attention to the individual needs of the administration and your company.

RemPro individual coaching: Mastering personal challenges

In our coaching sessions, we work with you on the targeted further development of your decentralized leadership, considering your previous experience, strengths, and potential - with lasting positive consequences for your organization. We also offer you a protected space to address current developments and challenges and provide you with concrete answers: with immediately visible results.

Special topics require special formats:  The RemPro Master Class.  Become part of our exclusive network for managing directors of medium-sized companies.  

Request course-offer for management

Homeoffice Akademie Führungskräftecoaching

With RemPro, your managers become remote work experts

There is no doubt that experienced managers know how to successfully lead employees, because that is exactly what you have been doing every day for years.

However, the shift to decentralized, hybrid work models is also associated with a paradigm shift in managing employees.

RemPro supports you in mastering this change in everyday leadership - for example, through a combined training and coaching series; This enables managers to get the best out of themselves and their teams, even in a hybrid work environment.

Our portfolio for managers

Our portfolio includes personalized individual coaching, group training, and combinations of these formats. As coaches, we address issues that are currently affecting you and ensure that you can work even more effectively.

RemPro supports you professionally in the following areas:

  • Leading decentralized teams  
  • Managing decentralized projects
  • Virtual team engagement and cohesion for leaders
  • Self-management: Further development of the digital leadership personality
  • New Work: Leading with agile methods
  • Leading the way: Actively shaping the digital transformation in a needs-based manner
  • A paradigm shift in leadership: Results-oriented work and increased productivity in satisfied teams

Special topics require special formats:  The RemPro Master Class.  Become part of our exclusive network of managing directors and executives of medium-sized companies. 

Our academy offers for employees and teams

Empower your employees and teams to collaborate productively in a decentralized way.

Are you planning a structured introduction or continuation of hybrid work in your company?

By providing professional support for the implementation and professionalization of new work models and decentralized work, RemPro helps you realize your employees' potential - and thus that of the entire organization.  

To increase the productivity and effectiveness of your employees, we offer need-based training on self-organization, decentralized collaboration, and productivity.

Homeoffice-Akademie Mitarbeiter und Teams weiterbilden

Sustainable and future-oriented training for your employees and teams

Accompanying organizations and your employees sustainably into the new normality of the working world - that is our claim. With a wealth of expertise and a future-oriented portfolio - on-site, online, or combined. Our solution modules enable your employees to develop their skills in a practice-oriented manner and realize their potential success.  

We know of the challenge employees face in an ever faster, changing, and increasingly digital environment: Increasing productivity, working independently, or interacting in hybrid teams - our customized offers support in the required areas. We also offer functional training for applications and programs, as well as tools.  

Seminare, Schulungen und Trainings für Mitarbeiter und Teams – eine Auswahl

  • Grundschulung Mobiles Arbeiten
  • Increase productivity right away
  • Self-organization and successful decentralized communication
  • Introduction to hybrid work
  • Hybrid team building - enjoy working together
  • Training on applications such as MS Teams or GoTo products

Do you have a specific need or wish to support a particular program or application that your organization should work with?

Feel free to contact us!

The RemPro Master Class

With RemPro, your managers become remote work experts

In our Master Class, we pass on our proven practical knowledge from more than 20 years of transformation and hybrid cooperation experience.

Homeoffice-Akademie Weiterbildung Masterclass Netzwerken

Become part of our exclusive network for managing directors of medium-sized companies. 

Together with other managing directors and HR managers of SMEs, we work on new working models suitable for you and your organization. In doing so, we attach great importance to a protected environment, immediate objectives, and sustainable success. Collegial learning enables cross-industry exchanges. 

Benefit from the experiences of others, be a sparring partner, and look beyond the box. 

Find inspiration and work on your remote work project for your organization, moderated by RemPro. Feel free to contact us!

Frequently asked questions about the RemPro Academy

We often receive questions about the organizational structure and content of RemPro Academy. We have compiled our answers to the most frequently asked questions for you in a compact form and sorted them by topic.

How many participants are recommended per workshop/training?

The number of participants depends on the topic of the workshop or training. Schooling on basic processes that require little interaction can involve more employees than decentralized leadership Workshops that address participant individually.

Do workshops take place face-to-face or remotely?

Depending on current Covid-19 restrictions and a possible remote work obligation, both variants are in principle possible.

Do participants receive supporting materials for workshops?

Participants will receive all documents from the workshops, as well as a certificate of participation. On request, further supporting materials are created by RemPro in a personalized way and made available to employees.

How is the organizational structure analyzed?

The analysis of organizational structure carried out by specific observation of procedural-, structural- and communication processes as well as by focusing on the possibilities for their improvement. An Employee survey also provides information about perceived structures within the company and possible changes.

What content is considered when transforming staff processes?

The success of the transformation of staff processes depends mainly on the motivation and satisfaction of your employees. Therefore, a focus on transparent communication between teams, supporting materials, and appropriate training is essential to prepare employees for hybrid work ideally.

Which workshops are suitable for which companies?

Which Schooling  is appropriate for your company depends on its basic requirements and goals. If employees work remotely but are lacking efficiency, productivity trainingis recommended. Practical training can acquire the basics for remote work. RemPro will be happy to identify your needs in a joint interview and create individual training courses for your company.

What is the difference between workshops and trainings?

Depending on the experts provide your employees with all important content relating to hybrid work and digital skills in practice-oriented training courses.In Workshops , knowledge in various areas, such as productivity, is interactively developed by participants to guarantee maximum learning success. Individual training improves the digital and decentralized leadership skills of your managers. Whether training or workshops is the right solutions for you will be evaluated in a joint discussion.

Can training be jointly conducted for employees and managers?

RemPro offers training for both executives and Employees . It is also possible to combine training courses and workshops , adapting them to the individual needs of your company.