Remote Work Experts in a Brief Interview - 5 Questions for Volker Stammer

Expert Tips For Remote Work, New Work, and Hybrid Work

As result of the Corona crisis and thefollowing remotek obligation, a sustained increase in satisfaction about working from home has been observed. Studies not only show a higher acceptance of hybrid work but also the desire, to work increasingly remote, even after the crisis. 

The Coronarelated implementation of remote work is prompting employers, and employees to see flexible working models as an opportunity and adapt to working norms. Digitization is proving to be an essential prerequisite here and, in addition to productivity, ensures collaboration in teams. The culture of presence is a discontinued model, so remote work is no longer considered an exception to the rule, but rather a norm, which promotes acceptance of new work models and maintains or even increases employee satisfaction. 

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Volker Stammer

Volker Stammer, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bad Salzuflen continues our short interview series. 

Hybrid work will become an essential part of many workplaces in the future." 

Stammer emphasized in the interview, referring to the development of hybrid work.

Remote work at Stadtwerke Bad Salzuflen

1. What advantages do you see in hybrid working?

„Hybrid work opens up the possibility of combining "both worlds," i.e., work and private life, in a way that is more in line with the needs of the company and its employees."

2. Wie haben Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter bei der Einführung mobiler Arbeit geführt & unterstützt?

„It was important to us to ask employees about their needs. Only that way it is possible, to develop a company-specific concept that can not only be accepted by both sides, but also lived in a way that creates value. " 

3. What development do you expect in Germany concerning hybrid working?

„Not least, Corona" has ensured that inhibitions regarding hybrid work have been broken down and consequently, experience "had" to be gained."

"Hybrid working will become an essential part of many workplaces in the future."

4. Was hat Sie bei der Implementierung von mobiler Arbeit am meisten überrascht?

„What surprised me most was the learning curve that the employees and the company are going through and what further opportunities are developing as a result."

5. What are your tips & tricks for successful remote work?

  1. „Dress as if you are going to the office." 
  2.  „Embrace the feel-good atmosphere of the home environment and the slightly greater "quiet" and harness it for creative and project-related work." 
  3.  „DO IT and in the process, try out all the technical possibilities." 

We want to thank Volker Stammer for the insightful interview.

Which experiences have you had in the process of implementing remote work?

Are you the managing director or HR manager of a medium-sizek Companyand already gathered experiences outside of the contractually agreed place of work by using the topics of:remote work, new work and hybrik work models? Do you know someone who would be interested in a short interview with our specialists?

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