7 Tips for Working from Home

For many, working permanently from home is a change and not comparable to the occasional home office day. We've put together some tips on how to work productively from home.

  1. Set up your workplace!

Set up a workplace that is reserved for your professional activities, if possible. It doesn't have to be a fully equipped office, a fixed place at the end of the dining table can be sufficient. Important: This place is reserved only for your work. Private documents or your children's handicraft utensils have no place there.

  1. Establish a day structure!

Surely you have a more or less fixed daily routine in the office: Time for emails, telephone calls, appointments, or fixed meal times - transfer this rhythm to work from home. Adjust the schedule if necessary, but in any case - just like in the office - set goals for what you want to do within a certain time.

  1. Take breaks!

Take regular breaks! It's all too easy to lose track of time in the home office and wonder how a day can go by so quickly. Many people are far more productive working from home because there is less distraction. If you make sure you take your lunch and coffee breaks - for example, together with colleagues via video in front of the computer - this way personal exchange is not neglected.

  1. Hide your private life!

It may seem tempting at first glance: quickly clean the dishwasher or turn on the washing machine before your next appointment - but resist the temptation! Working time is working time, and your place of work does not change that. It's harder to concentrate and be truly productive when you're jumping back and forth between your personal and professional roles. I know of some cases where people deliberately walk around the block before and after work to mentally create a "way to work" for themselves.

  1. Move sufficiently and consciously!

In the home office you save time: The way to and from work is eliminated, usually your own apartment is also smaller than the office. The walk to your next appointment, lunch, or to the toilet is therefore much shorter. Remember to take regular exercise anyway: Change your sitting position, make phone calls while standing or walking, drink your coffee on the balcony. Make sure that you are physically active, especially when you are sitting.

  1. Stay social!

Many people feel lonely in the home office. Fact is: You are not alone just because your colleagues are not sitting with you in your living room! Make sure that you continue to feel part of your team: Reach for the phone, again and again, use the company chat, or schedule video conferences for your colleagues. Have you always had a coffee with your favorite colleague in the morning before work? Wonderful! Stick to this ritual and set up a short regular coffee meeting in your calendar via video chat.

  1. Get creative!

Home office is not better or worse than working from a corporate office, it's just different. Think consciously about the aspects of your collaboration that are important to you and consider how these can be transferred to your home office. Lunching regularly with colleagues in the canteen simply becomes a videoconference where you continue to exchange ideas. Brainstorming sessions have been valuable for your work so far? Appoint a moderator, use a virtual flipchart and let ideas bubble together - in different places.

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